The Art of Pinhole

Pinhole Cameras are basically cameras, but with no lens.

Because they don’t have lenses, the images are blurrier than an image taken from a regular camera with a lens. This blurriness and quirkiness is why people are attracted to them. They’re different. Pinhole images are quite impressionistic in a way, compared to digital photos. When composing the photos, there isn’t a finder or image on a screen to show you what will be in the photo. You can sort of get a good idea by making a square or rectangle with your fingers, but otherwise you don’t know what you’re taking a photo of. Another good thing about pinhole cameras is there infinite depth of field. If you have a camera with a lens, you can only focus on one point on the photo. Pinhole Cameras don’t have a lens, so they focus on everything in the photo.

Pinhole Cameras are simple things, that are fun to use!


Some examples of good pinhole photography:

The planks in this image draw our eyes towards the centre. From:
There is more sky than ground in this image. From:
The pillars in this one draw your eyes towards the centre, like the planks in the first one. From: