Shoebox pinhole

The Shoe box pinhole was the first pinhole I made. I made it in a holiday workshop at the local library.It uses photographic paper as film. To use it you simply place it on the ground, point it up with a wedge if you like, pull the tape (shutter) off the front, count out how many seconds it needs to get a good photo, and replace the tape.


The Shoe Box pinhole is definitely the easiest pinhole camera I've made so far. It is also the simplest to use. No need to wind the film, as it uses paper! You simply need to place the paper in, go out and take a photo!


There are some downsides to using paper though. You can only take one shot at a time and need a darkroom to load it. Another bad thing about the Shoebox Pinhole is its size. It is very large unlike the Matchbox Pinhole and awkward to take places.

The Shoebox Pinhole Camera