Cook Park


This photo was taken at Cook Park, down an avenue of trees towards the Rotunda. We took a few, as we did with every photo. During the exposure, Dad would stand at one point in the picture, and then move to another point for the rest of the time.

Digital pinhole / 25 seconds



This is of the pond in Cook Park. We tried to capture the ducks moving across the water. This photo reminded me of Monet.

Digital pinhole / 10 seconds

Pine Tree


When we were walking along the path, we saw this tree. Dad liked the look of its bark and took a photo of that, then I looked up the tree at all the branches. The way they stick out of the trunk, and the light coming through up the top. This was the next photo.

Digital pinhole / 15 seconds

Snow Gums


A few days before that, we went on a hike up Mount Canobolas to take some shots. This was the first one taken. We tried to capture the light coming through the trees, but maybe there was a bit too much.

P. Sharan / 10 seconds



In Cook Park, there are a lot of beds of flowers. We decided to shoot one of the beds of poppies, as they are colourful. They also contrast to the dirt on the ground.

Digital pinhole / 15 seconds



This was one of the last photos we took up the mountain. Dad walked up the hill a bit while I had a rest. The trees point upwards, the grass was a deep green, and there is a kind of ghostly light. It is one of my favourites.

P. Sharan / 15 seconds

Dining Room


This is one of the first 'test' photos I took. It was taken with the matchbox pinhole which suffers from light leaks, and his hard to wind. It is kind of abstract.

Matchbox pinhole / double exposure / 12 & 24 seconds

Shed and House


This is another photo taken by the Matchbox Pinhole. It was an accident that resulted from the camera not winding properly, but I like it. The shed on the right is quite angular and square, whereas the house on the left is all curved.

Matchbox pinhole / 10 seconds

New Museum Ampitheatre


This was the first photo I ever took with a pinhole camera. There are a lot of diagonal lines in it that lead your eye towards the centre, where there is a rectangular structure of some sort.

Shoebox pinhole / 30 seconds